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Francis Bacon - New Studies: Centenary Essays

Martin Harrison (ed.)

With essays by Darren Ambrose, Richard Calvocoressi, Rebecca Daniels, Hugh M Davies, Marcel Finke, Martin Harrison, Andrew R Lee, Brenda Marshall and Joanna Russell.

Göttingen: Steidl
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 272
ISBN/ISSN: 9783865219466
Darren Ambrose, 'Bacon's Spiritual Realism - The Spirit in the Body', pp. 11-46
Richard Calvocoressi, 'Bacon and Lerski: A Possible Dialogue', pp. 47-56
Rebecca Daniels, 'Francis Bacon and Walter Sickert: 'Images which unlock other images'', pp. 57-88
Hugh M. Davies, 'Interviewing Bacon, 1973', pp. 89-124
Marcel Finke, 'Francis Bacon's alter ego? Critical Remarks on the Barry Joule collection', pp. 125-142
Martin Harrison, 'Painting, Smudging', pp. 143-168
Andrew R. Lee, 'Francis Bacon, Medievalist?', pp. 169-208
Brenda Marshall, 'Francis Bacon, Trash and Complicity', pp. 209-232
Joanna Russell, ''The Mystery of the Paint': Francis Bacon's Materials', pp. 233-245