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'"A new idiom" in painting'

By Eric Hall
The Sunday Times
Year: 24 Jan.; 1937
Language: English
Pages: p. 11
ISBN/ISSN: 0956-1382
Other Publication Details:

Letter to the editor concerning the article 'A new idiom? Abstraction at Agnew's. Painting and human interest' by Frank Rutter (Sunday Times, 17 Jan. 1937).

"I would point out that in these two paintings [Abstraction from the Human Form, 1936 (CR 36-03D) and Figures in a Garden, 1935 (CR 35-01)] there are two different methods of dealing with what Mr. Rutter calls "human interests." In fact it is just these interests which are the basis of these two and many of the other paintings, and it is by a concentration upon the statement of these interests in terms of painting, i.e., conveying emotion through form and colour, that these methods are developed."