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British Art in the 20th Century: The Modern Movement

By Susan Compton (ed.)
Munich: Prestel-Verlag
Year:  1986
Language: English
Pages: 457
ISBN/ISSN: 3791307983
Format: Hardback
Andrew Causey, 'Formalism and the Figurative Tradition in British Painting', pp. 15-30
Richard Cork, 'The Emancipation of Modern British Sculpture', pp. 31-52
Charles Harrison, 'Critical Theories and the Practice of Art', pp. 53-62
Richard Cork, 'Machine Age, Apocalypse and Pastoral', pp. 63-72
Dawn Ades, 'Figure and Place: A Context for Five Post-War Artists', pp. 73-82
Caroline Tisdall, 'Art Controversies of the Seventies', pp. 83-88
Robert Rosenblum, 'British Twentieth-Century Art: A Transatlantic View', pp. 89-98