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Francis Bacon: œuvres récentes

Paris: Galerie Claude Bernard
Year:  1977
Language: French
Pages: [9]
Other Publication Details:

The chapter 'Le grand jeu de Francis Bacon' was reprinted
in: XXe siècle, vol. 49, Dec. 1977, pp. 16-20;
in: Michel Leiris: Bacon le hors-la loi. Paris: Fourbis, 1989, pp. 9-26;
in: Michel Leiris: Francis Bacon: face et profil. Paris: Albin Michel, 2004, pp. 51-60;
in an English translation as 'The Art of Francis Bacon' in: TLS, 18 Mar. 1977, p. 309

Michel Leiris, 'Le grand jeu de Francis Bacon', pp. [1-9]
Number of artworks illustrated
17 works by Francis Bacon