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Deepening the Game

Deepening the Game Deepening the Game


A Learning Resource developed by artist Dom Heffer


Developed by artist Dom Heffer, this learning resource encourages participants to utilise chance and accident, to gain a greater awareness of the process of making a painting. You will be encouraged to make imaginative leaps in order to create images that surprise, while also expanding your vocabulary of mark making. What is important here is not to attempt copies of Bacon, but to make interesting images that are informed by Bacon’s unique approach to painting by embracing chance and accident.


Initially created to complement the Art and Design Curriculum at Key Stage 3/4 in the United Kingdom, it is also intended to support and inspire students and teachers of all levels.


For further information on artist led sessions, please contact Dom via his website’s contact form.















“I want a very ordered image, but I want it to come about by chance” 


Francis Bacon