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Posted on 2023-12-07 11:38:20 in EXHIBITION
Endless Variations installation view, Photography by Stuart Burford

Pilar Ordovas brings us a brand new exhibition that is the first to be dedicated to both Francis Bacon (1909–1992) and Andy Warhol (1928–1987): "Endless Variations". 

Although they belonged to different movements both artists were central to defining the art of their generation. This exhibition explores their many shared interests, such as their innovative use of colour, love of photography, the serialisation of images and their pivotal roles in shaping the art world.

The exhibition unveils rarely-seen artworks, photos, and archives related to both artists. Highlights include previously undiscovered 1967 Roland Gardens photos of Francis Bacon and George Dyer by John Deakin. It also features photo strips from Aix-en-Provence in 1966, mounted by Bacon on a book's back cover, last exhibited in 2008-09 at Tate Britain, the Prado Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Bacon and Warhol met in 1974 and had several subsequent encounters. They appreciated each others’ work, with Warhol even acknowledging Bacon's bold use of colour. The exhibition delves into their shared exploration of colour through Bacon's Portrait of Henrietta Moraes (1969) and Warhol's previously unseen Five Deaths on Turquoise (1963).

The profound impact of photography on both artists is a focal point, with a spotlight on their relationships with American artist Peter Beard: Bacon drew inspiration from Beard's photographs, while Warhol collaborated directly with Beard.  The exhibition explores both Beard’s specific influences as well as the wider transformative impact of photography on their artistic visions.

Complementing this visual journey is an illustrated catalogue featuring an insightful essay by Martin Harrison. Harrison's words provide valuable context and analysis, enriching the viewer's experience of the exhibition.

This exhibition runs until the 15th of November 2023. For more information please see here.


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