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Sad news...

Posted on 2012-11-16 11:37:02 in PRESS

On 13th. November 2012 Peter Hunt, a trustee of The Estate of Francis Bacon and of The John Edwards Estate, sadly died. Peter, as a chartered accountant, had managed the complex affairs of the two estates since l997. He worked closely with lawyers, art historians, publishers, museum directors and art dealers. He skilfully navigated the estates through numerous very demanding litigations and put in place a structure from which it is now possible to fully deliver on the original wishes of his friend and client John Edwards. Peter Hunt was fashioned from particularly English virtues, he was casually modest and self-effacing and the personification of integrity. He brought refreshing common sense to any discussion and never faltered saying what had to be said, plainly and clearly. He was possessed of an awesome sense of duty and a wicked humour. Peter had a long argument with Multiple Myeloma - as usual he got his own way for a staggering 12 years. His wisdom, his stoical reluctance to accept anything less than best effort from himself, his guidance and loyalty will all be missed, but what will be missed the most is his friendship and his quiet comforting presence. His service to Francis Bacon and John Edwards cannot be over estimated. The Estate of Francis Bacon