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Late Self-Portrait by Francis Bacon to come at auction

Posted on 2012-06-21 02:34:10 in EVENTS

A late Self-Portrait by Francis Bacon is to be auctioned at Sotheby's London on 26th June 2012. "Study for Self-Portrait 1980" is one of the last self-portrait by the artist. In one of the famous interviews with art historian David Sylvester, Bacon admitted: "I've done a lot of self-portraits, really because people have been dying around me like flies and I’ve had nobody else to paint but myself ... I loathe my own face." (Francis Bacon in David Sylvester, The Brutality of Fact, Interviews with Francis Bacon, London 1975, pp. 129-133)

Francis Bacon, Study for Self-Portrait 1980 © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All rights reserved. DACS, London

The painting is expecting to sell between £5-7 million. For more information visit Sotheby's.