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'Francis Bacon's Studio' lecture at Tokyo MOMAT

Posted on 2013-04-03 11:17:16 in EVENTS
Francis Bacon's 7 Reece Mews Studio, London, 1998. Photo: Perry Ogden © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All rights reserved.

In association with its exhibition 'Francis Bacon', Tokyo's The National Museum of Modern Art is hosting a lecture by Dr Margarita Cappock entitled 'Francis Bacon's Studio', this Saturday 6th April at 2.00pm. Dr Margarita Cappock is Head of Collections at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, home to Francis Bacon's relocated London studio, 7 Reece Mews, a permanent installation accurately exhibiting Bacon's home and work space for over 30 years. The lecture promises to be thoroughly interesting, with Bacon's notoriously chaotic studio as a subject offering up a plethora of treasures and insight on the artist's life and work. Following Francis Bacon's death in 1992 his infamous studio was as the artist left it until 1998 when it was donated to the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane by Bacon's heir John Edwards and Brian Clarke, executor of the Estate of Francis Bacon. The meticulous studio relocation demanded a team of archaeologist survey and draw up elevation drawings, mapping spaces and the location of its contents. The walls, floors, ceilings and doors were all relocated. The move also demanded the first computerised archive of the entire contents of a world ranking artist's studio. Every item in the studio has a database entry consisting of an image and a factual account. The 7000 items 'logged' and relocated include approximately 570 books and catalogues, 1,500 photographs, 100 slashed canvases, 1,300 leaves torn from books, 2,000 artist's materials and 70 drawings. To underline the respect, accuracy and effort of the relocation, even the thick layer of paint dust that graced the London studio, often a tool in Bacon's art, was collected, bagged and suitable relocated to the installation in Ireland.

Francis Bacon's 7 Reece Mews Studio, London, 1998. Photo: Perry Ogden © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All rights reserved.

Francis Bacon's Studio is undoubtably an incredible 'gateway' to 'Bacon's world', Dr Margarita Cappock's lecture will surely be a fascinating and valuable event for anyone wanting to find out more about the artist and his work. ‘Francis Bacon's Studio’ lecture: 2.00pm, Saturday 6th April 2013 The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo ‘Francis Bacon’ exhibition: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo 8th March – 26th May 2013  Traveling to: The Toyota Municipal Museum of Art 8th June – 1st September 2013