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'Francis Bacon: Works of Art (1966-1991) The vision of the human condition'

Posted on 2013-03-08 11:14:41 in EXHIBITION
"Study for a bullfight no. 1  1969" 1971.  Edition of the Musee du Grand Palais, Paris, on the occasion of the retrospective of 1971, printed on Arches paper by Arte Paris Sabatier, n. 10. Photo: Sarath Pitigala. Francis Bacon. Lithograph after painting "Study for a bullfight No. 1', 1969" © The Estate of Francis Bacon / DACS London. All rights reserved 2013. 

9th March - 5th May 2013, Museo Palazzo de' Mayo / Set Temporary Exhibition Space, Chieti, corso Marrucino, 121, Italy. +39 0871 359801 A new Francis Bacon print exhibition opens this Saturday in Italy. Featuring 54 prints made up of lithographs, etchings and aquatints made between 1966-91, belonging to a collection in Milan. 'The vision of the human condition' will give audiences the opportunity to witness a range of feelings behind 25 years of Francis Bacon's art. Whilst interpreting the late painter and his work could be considered an artform in its own right, what 'The vision of the human condition' aims to do is introduce audiences to the tangle of feelings that guide the creation of Bacon's work. Whatever Francis Bacon's sources and secret origins for his works, this print exhibition invites the viewer to experience confronting what Bacon believed to be the human condition. Pieces featuring bodies viewing themselves in mirrors suggests the contemplation of self, and gradual decay. Other works such as the above 'Study for a bullfight No. 1' (1969) can be seen to explore human bodies engaged in struggle. The exhibition is designed by Alfredo Paglione. More information is available via Museum Palazzo de 'Mayo's Facebook page and their event page for the exhibition.