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Posted on 2015-08-07 11:19:30 in MISCELLANEOUS
Image: Foundation exterior, © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All Rights Reserved – MB Art Collection.
Image: Foundation exterior, © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All Rights Reserved – MB Art Collection.

The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation Monaco present their first sponsored project: 'Francis Bacon - The Wivenhoe Chapter'. Art historian Katharina Günther undertook a twelve-month research project analysing previously unresearched material. The project aims to deepen the understanding of the relationship between Bacon and the artist Denis Wirth Miller. Over 250 pieces of unstudied working material from the MB Art Collection including books, magazines and torn pages, formed the project's starting point. The materials originated from artist Denis Wirth Miller's small studio in Wivenhoe Essex. Katharina Günther's project is a fascinating read outlining the relationship between Bacon and Wirth Miller, exploring shared passions and shared workspaces, with Bacon known to have enjoyed working at Wirth Miller's studio.

With its strong resemblance to his London studio, the overall set-up of Wirth Miller's Wivenhoe atelier must have been to Bacon's liking. For almost 25 years, he shared the small, cluttered space with Wirth Miller on a regular basis until in 1975, Bacon bought his own property close to his friend's house. In the working environment provided by Wirth Miller, Bacon had found an artistic home away from home. - Katharina Günther

Katharina Günther explores Bacon's lasting impression on Wirth Miller's work, as the latter experimented with Bacon's subjects and styles in the 1950s, notably a series of Dog paintings in the manner of Francis Bacon's Study of a Dog, 1952 and Man with Dog, 1953. Read more about 'Francis Bacon - The Wivenhoe Chapter' here.

The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation’s mission is to promote a deeper understanding of the work and life of Francis Bacon worldwide, with a particular focus on the time that the artist lived and worked in Monaco and Southern France. This institute aims to: support original research, sponsor emerging artists, organise exhibitions and seminars on Francis Bacon with local and international institutions, and fund projects related to the artist. Find more information via the foundation's website: Word reference: Katharina Günther's 'The Wivenhoe Chapter – Francis Bacon and Denis Wirth Miller', and the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation Monaco website.