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The literature on Bacon is large and ever expanding. While Bacon has been vividly discussed during his lifetime, after his death the uncovering of drawings by the artist, a rediscovery of paintings previously lost or presumed destroyed, and the reconstruction of his studio in Dublin have prompted a growing number of new studies, articles and exhibitions. This selected bibliography aims to provide an overview of major publications, but can at most give a flavour of past and current critical attitudes towards the painter.

More extensive bibliographies can be found in the catalogue from the 1985 Bacon retrospective at Tate Britain, the catalogue from the 1996 retrospective at the Centre Georges Pompidou and the more recent exhibition catalogue for Francis Bacon in the 1950s by Michael Peppiatt from 2006. A new catalogue raisonné was published by The Estate of Francis Bacon in June 2016, which contains a comprehensive bibliography of writing on the artist.


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